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Full Grooms

From £38

Bathing, Styling, Nails and Cologne

Our full grooming service includes a deeply cleansing bath and nourishing conditioner, using our natural products, followed by a blow dry and fluff out. We will then style your precious pooch to your specific instruction, and make sure their nails are looking perfect with a pawdicure. The groom is finished off with a spritz of cologne, to keep them smelling fresh for days to come.


From £25

Bathing, Deshedding, Nails and Cologne

Our deshedding service is tailored to those pups who go through seasonal moults. Our specific deshedding shampoo and conditioner really help to remove all of that dead coat, and combined with our deshedding tools, we can maximize the amount of hair we are able to remove. We finish off the groom with a pawdicure, and a spritz of cologne, to keep them smelling fresh.


From £50

A Full Handstrip and Nails 
(Bathing If Required)

Our handstripping service is suitable for specific breeds and coat types. These are usually wirey or silky coats. We will fully handstrip your dog, and tidy them up where and if necessary. They will also leave with the perfect pawdicure. Bathing is not always required with handstripping, so please do speak to us before booking.


Nail Trimming

From £5


All nails will be clipped or filed depending on the needs of the dog.

Teeth Cleaning (Initial)


Emmipet Sonic Teeth Cleaning (30 mins) and Personal Toothbrush

Our sonic teeth cleaning system is a wonderful alternative to having a teeth cleaning at the vets. The silent, undetectable micro pulses cause the toothpaste to foam, and the bubbles are able to get in between all the nooks and crannies in your dogs teeth, and loosen the plaque. Included in your initial appointment is your dogs personal toothbrush head. Please be aware, we are unable to help with severe dental decay or gum problems to which we will always suggest veterinary attention.

Teeth Cleaning (Follow Up)


Emmipet Sonic Teeth Cleaning
(20 mins)

This service is available or those who require a follow up teeth cleaning appointment, or are looking to keep on top of their dogs teeth.

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