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Questions and Answers

Are you qualified and insured?

Yes to both! I took and passed my City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 certificates 6 years ago, and I am also a qualified canine first aider, and have a diploma in Canine Studies. The business and myself are also fully insured.

My dog is in season, can they still be groomed?

We do not accept dogs who are in season into the salon for a few reasons. When bitches are in heat they give off pheromones that can cause behaviour changes in male dogs who may also enter salon. For obvious reasons, the behaviour of the bitch in season may also change, especially if it is one of her first seasons. There is also a higher risk of infection to the area, as it is swollen and bleeding.

My dog is really matted, how did this happen, and are you able to help?

Of course we can, and are more than happy to help! Matting in dogs is usually caused by friction to the coat, causing it to become more and more tangled until it becomes a solid mass. Matting occurs quite commonly behind ears, between toes, under armpits and in the groin. Matting can become worse when the dogs gets wet as it tightens them, and when wearing coats or jumpers in the winter. The only way to avoid matting is regular brushing with a comb and slicker brush. If your dogs is severely matted, the kindest thing to do is for me to shave off the matted hair, and allow fresh hair to grow back, which it does very quickly. This may incur extra costs to cover sharpening of the blades used, and extra time taken.

Are there other dogs in the salon when my dog is being groomed?

Unless you bring multiple dogs with you from the same family, your dog will be the only dog in the salon. This means that I am able to give your dog 100% of my attention at all times, and that those dogs who aren't confident around other dogs can feel safe and secure.

My dog has a skin complaint, can you still groom them?

We have a sensitive shampoo in the salon for those dogs who need a gentle product for their skin, however we are also more than happy for you to bring your own prescribed shampoo for us to use on your pup too.

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